Recipient of the Catalyst of Change Award: Carmen Contreras from Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House

The BC Association of Family Resource Programs recognizes outstanding Family Resource Programs and individuals that work tirelessly towards creating healthy families and healthy communities in BC. The awards focus on the impact that member organizations or an individual have in their communities.

Carmen Contreras, of Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House (MPNH), was one of the 2018 recipients of the Catalyst of Change Award.

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UBC Learning Circle

The University of British Columbia (UBC) hosts the UBC Learning Circle, a partnership between the Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health and the First Nations Health Authority, an ongoing videoconference and computer webinar initiative that encourages sharing knowledge about our health and well-being. The intention of the Learning Circle is to provide educational and informational opportunities to health care workers and professionals in First Nations communities.

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Webinar from National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health: Culturally Safe Children’s Rehabilitation

The National Collaborating Centre for Indigenous Health (NCCIH) offers access to a webinar, Making Steps towards the Provision of Culturally Safe Children’s Rehabilitation Services with Indigenous Communities, Families and Children, based on Dr. Alison Gerlach’s research work and publications. Her work focuses on the development of inclusive and responsive knowledges and early childhood and family policies and practices that address social justice and equity issues for families and children who live with various structural forms of social disadvantage.

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New Canada Food Guide 2019

The new Canada Food Guide released in January 2019 uses a plate image, half filled with fruit and vegetables, one quarter with protein foods, and one quarter with whole-grain foods, alongside a glass of water, with the recommendation to “make water your drink of choice”. The guide stresses that “healthy eating is more than the foods you eat”, recommending mindful eating, cooking from scratch, taking time to enjoy food and eat in company with others, limiting sodium, sugars and saturated fat, using food information labels on packaged food, and being aware of food marketing.

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Foodshare: Gardening with Children

Gardening with young children can be a joyful experience for child and adult to share. Let go of adult notions of “gardening success”; for children, it is the process that is important, joining in the work, looking touching, smelling, engaging directly with soil and plants. Click here for a variety of ways to engage infants and toddlers in gardening experiences.

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BC Government 2019 budget and TogetherBC poverty reduction plan

The BC Government put forward a budget in February with significant impacts for families, and on March 18 released a poverty reduction plan, TogetherBC, which brings together a number of policy changes the provincial government have made since 2017 that are hoped will reduce overall poverty in the province by one-quarter and cut child poverty in half in the next five years.

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