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MCFD Trauma-Informed Practice Guide: Healing Families, Helping Systems

Healing Families, Helping Systems is a trauma-informed practice guide for working with children, youth and families, produced by the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development (2016). The guide, designed for use by system planners, leaders and practitioners in the field of children, youth, and families, aims to identify trauma-informed approaches, raise awareness of evidence-informed approaches to trauma-informed service delivery, and to increase capacity amongst service providers.

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Kelty Mental Health: Healthy Living Toolkit for Families

Kelty Mental Health have issued their second edition of the Healthy Living…It’s in Everyone toolkit. Available in seven languages, it is designed to provide a guide to healthy living for families who have a child or youth living with mental health challenges, and provides ideas for Healthy Eating, Being Active Together, Managing Stress, and Developing Healthy Sleep Habits.

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Penny Simkin: Breastfeeding Issues for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Tanya Lieberman, host of the Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog, recently interviewed Penny Simkin about breastfeeding issues for mothers who are survivors of sexual abuse.  In the interview, Penny talked about breastfeeding for survivors of early sexual abuse, including common feelings of survivors about breastfeeding and ways that breastfeeding support people can support survivors.

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