Hiring Immigrant Talent—Free Online Course


Stock Image from Microsoft OfficeThe Human Resources Management Association (HRMA) course, Hiring Immigrant Talent, is designed to provide small and medium size businesses with the knowledge and tools to access and hire qualified immigrant employees. The course is offered for free until December 31, 2014, and is open to both members and non-members of HRMA.

“This course is not about how to navigate the Temporary Foreign Worker and Provincial Nominee Programs, instead the focus is on hiring qualified, skilled immigrant people who are already right here in BC.”

The instructor, David Berrington, owner of CONTACT HR Consulting Inc, provides HR consulting and recruitment services to growing companies and organizations. David teaches HR courses at SFU and is a past president of the BC branch of HRMA.

The 13-module course, which takes about an hour to complete, includes:

  • Why hiring immigrant talent is good for business ((3 lessons/1 text)
    • Introduction
    • Challenges to hiring immigrant talent
    • Competition for talent
    • More information
  • How to create effective and inclusive job descriptions (2 lessons/1 text)
    • Defining roles introduction
    • Reviewing credential
    • More information
  • How to source qualified immigrant talent )2 lessons/1 text)
    • Sourcing immigrant talent
    • Best practices for regional recruitment
    • More information
  • How to assess and select the best immigrant talent (3 lessons/1 text)
    • Assessing immigrant talent
    • Interviewing
    • Scenarios
    • More information
  • How to effectively create a welcoming workplace and successfully integrate new employees (3 lessons/1 text)
    • Orientation
    • Establish mutual expectations
    • Create a culturally-competent workplace
    • More information