CMHA: Bounce Back® BC

Photo Credit: Unsplash User  Eliott Reyna

Photo Credit: Unsplash User Eliott Reyna

Bounce Back® has been designed to teach effective skills to help individuals (aged 15+) overcome symptoms of mild to moderate depression or anxiety, and improve their mental health. Participants can learn skills to help combat unhelpful thinking, manage worry and anxiety, and become more active and assertive. Based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), the program has been developed using research evidence demonstrating that simple skills and techniques are effective in helping people to overcome low mood and worry. A downloadable brochure addressing frequently asked questions is available at:

Available for free across BC, Bounce Back® has been shown to help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety by half, and over 90% of those who have used the program say they would recommend it to a friend or family member.

The program begins with a series of 10 short videos, using real-life examples and commentaries from individuals who deal with depression in their own life:

  • Introduction

  • Chapter One – Starting Out

  • Chapter Two – Problem Solving

  • Chapter Three – Building Activities

  • Chapter Four – Balanced Thinking

  • Chapter Five – Dealing with Unhelpful Behavior

  • Chapter Six – Sleeping Better

  • Chapter Seven – Healthy Living

  • Chapter Eight – Being Assertive

  • Chapter Nine – Where to Go from Here

The videos are supported by a Program Pack of Wallet Cards:

  • The Rules of Assertion

  • The 7 Steps of Problem Solving

  • Improving Sleep/Sleeping Better

  • Thought Review Approach

  • In Case of Worry Panic

  • Mood Card

Bounce Back® Coaching involves a customized series of workbooks with 4 to 6 coaching sessions delivered by phone or video conference.

The Bounce Back® workbooks are available in English with telephone coaching in English, French, Cantonese, or Punjabi. A doctor’s referral is required to access the Bounce Back® coaching service.

Bounce Back® Online is an independent, self-guided online program with access to video modules, e-books and worksheets. This self-guided program can be accessed by visiting and selecting ‘Register Now’ to get started.