Infant Mental Health Promotion Online Training

The training will be offered via online training by webinar or video conferencing  and is available for free to all  CAPC/CPNP projects across Canada.  

This training program aims to increase knowledge about infant mental health among all staff within community-based agencies in order to affect a cultural shift among agency staff, to empower individuals to be agents of change in their roles and to ensure that every child served by their organization has access to the best mental health outcomes possible.

The inclusion of infant mental health promotion, prevention, and treatment as a key focus of practice within community based health and/or social service organizations will lead to enhanced: 

  • Understanding of just how critical early mental health is for a child, a community, and society at large;
  • Understanding of risk and protective factors that contribute to early mental health and development;
  • Promotion of infant mental health practices within a community agency that can be shared with families and other community agencies;
  • Integration of practices that focus on the prevention of infant mental health trauma;
  • Embedding of screening practices to identify when a child may be experiencing poor mental health in the first three years of life; and
  • Integration of interventions, policies and practice that can be provided to a child who is experiencing poor mental health or at risk of experiencing poor mental health within the community.

The sessions will begin in mid-January (the first session is being recorded on January 11); however all webcast sessions are recorded and you can access them at a time of your convenience for a year after they are first recorded. 

This training is free of charge for CAPC and CPNP project staff across the country. So, if you are interested in registering, please indicate CAPC or CPNP as your Host Agency in the registration form when you register to ensure that costs are waived.  

Each person must register individually as participation will be tracked through completion surveys that each participant should complete if they wish to receive the certificate.

Register here. Please note: The Register button is at the bottom of the page.