BC Dairy Association “Little Food Explorers” Workshop: Learn to provide food experiences for children ages 3 – 5


Family in kitchen.Participants of the new Little Food Explorers (Ages 3-5 kids) workshop, sponsored by the BC Dairy Association, learn how to help preschool children become familiar with a wide variety of foods. Participants receive a small cookbook, learning activities, and booklist with recommendations for using children’s literature to introduce new foods and food experiences to preschoolers. There is no charge for the workshop or materials, but an honorarium is appreciated. The workshop is available to organizations by request. In addition to the materials provided, participants will have the opportunity to purchase a set of 100 food pictures ($10.00) or a puzzle to explore food and where it comes from ($5.00). Both resources are appropriate for the preschool audience. Please bring cash or check if you think you might purchase either of these materials.

To discuss the costs of providing this workshop outside of the Greater Vancouver Area, please contact one of the Nutrition Educators at 604-294-3775 or 1-800-242-6455 or by email at lsawchuk@bcdairy.ca.