New Healthy Eating Toolbox Now Available


The Healthy Eating Toolbox is now updated with a new set of fact sheets, including focus-tested messages for planning at home and at the grocery store, as well as a new Eat Well web banner, print public service announcement and short video clip to share and use. [hr]

The Toolkit contains four sections:

Resources you can share with consumers: 

  • Factsheets on Food Skills and Planning, Nutrition Labelling, and Healthy Eating and Sodium Reduction
  • A Sodium Quiz, useful for circulating at an event or information booth.
  • Healthy Eating resources including Canada’s Food Guide and Nutrition Labelling and The % Daily Value (%DV)
  • Health Weights resources including the Physical Activities Guidelines  factsheet and the My Food Guide Servings Tracker
  • Interactive Tools: a) Interactive Nutrition Label: Get the Facts;  b) Interactive Nutrition Label Quiz;  and c) Government of Canada’s Recalls and Safety Alerts Widget 


Resources for health professionals and educators:

  • Resources: a) Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide: A Resource for Educators & Communicators; b) Eat Well and Be Active Educational Toolkit; and c) Nutrition Labelling (% Daily Value)
  • Ready-to-Use Presentations on:  a) Sodium Reduction; b) Nutrition Labelling; c) Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide;  and d) Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide – First Nations, Inuit and Metis


Marketing and media outreach:

  • Marketing Resources:  help promote the “Eat Well” message by including a Web button or banner on your site that will drive users to for more information on healthy eating, including tips, interactive tools and other related resources.
  • Healthy Eating Promotional Tools, including the Eat Well Image poster, the Healthy Eating Vignette MP4, and articles on making good food choices, quality and quantity of food for healthy living, making the most of mealtimes, and a dozen Food Guide suggestions.
  • Social Media Content: Social Media 101 gives helpful hints on using and developing your social media presence to encourage healthy eating habits; a series of Health Canada Twitter messages, Twitter hashtags and Facebook messages that you can use to help engage your followers on the topic of healthy eating.


Governance documents:

This section includes the criteria for adding to the Healthy Eating Toolbox components, along with guidelines for reproduction of materials.

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