Update from the CAPC Society


BC CAPC SOCIETY updates and information.

The BC CAPC society is working on behalf of families involved in BC CAPC programs to bring awareness and acknowledgement to the great work CAPC programs accomplish. Sue Rossi, our BC CAPC Society Advocacy Coordinator has developed a kit that you can access online at www.bccapcsociety.org. In this kit, you will find many useful tidbits and tools, including a template of a letter for you to invite your local MP to one of your programs. Plans are already in the works to have visits from MP’s at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House and, we hope, many other sites across BC. Please let Sue know if you are planning an MP visit or if you need help inviting your local representative. This is a great way to get the word out on the kind of difference CAPC programs make in our communities. Sue would also like to know if you are doing any other communication activities around your CAPC programs. You can contact Sue at suevernon@shawcable.com

POSTCARD CAMPAIGNS really do work at getting the message out about how valuable and needed our programs are. BC CAPC Society has organized a Postcard Campaign for March. Did you know it’s free to send your MP’s a postcard when they are sitting in the House in Ottawa?  They will be in Ottawa from the 18th-28th of March. We have sent you a package of postcards that should be arriving soon. Please get your families to sign and send away; a quick note always helps too. More information will be made available to you soon from your BC CACP Board.