Training Opportunities


#1 Gordon Neufeld Public Address

Dr. Gordon Neufeld, a foremost authority on child development and author of Hold On To Your Kids, will hold a rare public address on Tuesday, March 12th.

How to keep children safe in a wounding world

What can parents and teachers do to keep their children safe? Signs of alarm are skyrocketing in our children and bullies seem more numerous than ever. Peer interaction — the primary source of wounding in today's world — is now only a click away and seems virtually never-ending for many children. In the aftermath of recent teenage suicides, legislators are scrambling to pass laws and social activists are calling upon the social media to police themselves. But laws won't address the existence of a mean streak and the social media have yet to demonstrate a conscience.

If we cannot change the world around them for the better, how do we keep the world from changing our children for the worse? What are the factors that put children at risk and how can we recognize when they are in trouble? How do we protect our children without heading for the hills or locking them up? Dr. Neufeld will address these issues and point to a way through that puts parents and teachers back into the driver's seat with regards to the children in their care.

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, March 12th 2013 Time: 7:30 – 9:30PM

Location Sir Winston Churchill Auditorium 7055 Heather Street Vancouver, BC V6P3P7

Tickets available at:


#2 Champions for Children and Youth 2013 BC Summit: April 24-25, Vancouver BC

A National Conference on Keeping Kids Safe and Connected. Over a two-day period, we will examine children’s right to be safe and included in their communities, and how we – as a civil society – can actively foster environments that keep children and youth engaged, safe, and feeling connected. We will hear from national and international organizations as well as experts about best practices and lessons learned. We will share inspired conversations to examine the systems of support that exist to address the challenges that our young people face as they search for a sense of belonging and resiliency in their daily lives. From bullying, to youth coaching practices, to the temptations of gang affiliations, together – through dialogue – we will focus on the emotional needs of our young people and share practical knowledge to help build and strengthen inclusive, child-centred communities.

Visit: Champions for Children and Youth 2013 BC Summit for additional information.


#3 Early Childhood Educations of BC (ECEBC) 42nd Annual Conference: May 2-4, Vancouver

“Celebrate the Essence of the Child and Champion a Better Future”

Conference highlights will include an opening address by Sharon Gregson from the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC, a tour of the SFU Childcare Centre, and 32 exciting and innovative workshops.

Visit: Early Childhood Educators of BC (ECEBC) 42nd Annual Conference to register.