BCAPOP Conference Becomes Trauma Informed


The 2012 BCAPOP Conference, “Wellness for Mind, Heart and Body”, offered attendees a wide range of engaging assemblies, including sessions on Infant Mental Health (Dr Vanessa Lapointe), Post Partum Depression (Pacific Post Partum Society), and breastfeeding (Marianne Brophy). As part of her keynote presentation, Nancy Poole introduced participants to the four-part trauma-informed Online Tool. The tool includes 10 resources on trauma-informed care for women in a Canadian context, providing an overview of key issues and perspectives.

The tool is in four sections:

  • Trauma-informed care in Canada
  • Connecting Substance Use, Mental Health & Trauma
  • Developing Trauma-Informed Practices
  • Developing Trauma-Informed Services

Each section has resource links for recommended reading/websites/webcasts.

In Nancy’s introduction to the toolkit, she says:

[quote]We have compelling evidence that women’s substance use is linked to their experiences of trauma and violence. Yet service providers and policy makers have not always acted on these known connections. Anti-violence service providers, substance use treatment services, other women-serving agencies and decision makers are now finding ways to respond with policies and programs that integrate support on both issues. Based on the findings of a one-year research project (2010-2011) to learn more about trauma-informed approaches in Canada, this site provides an overview of key issues and themes in practice and policy, highlights promising practices, and tensions. It also provides links to recommended readings, curricula and training resources, and web resources for working with women, understanding the connections between substance use, mental health and trauma, and strategies for developing trauma-informed practices and services." [/quote]