Social and Emotional Development in the Early Years


In partnership with The BC Health Child Development Alliance, the Public Health Agency of Canada has created multimedia training resources to promote knowledge and development in the area of Social and Emotional Development in the Early Years. The resources can provide your team with a clear blueprint for your next in-service training session, including presentations of various lengths and handouts specific to staff working in early childhood development and parent support projects. The objective of the ‘Social and Emotional Development in the Early Years’ project is to promote the mental health of young children through:

  • Communicating key messages about infant social emotional development to service providers, along with strategies to promote mental health
  • Translating knowledge about the neuroscience of brain development into everyday language

The booklet developed for early childhood development and parent support providers features information on promoting the mental health of infants from birth to age three; building healthy parent/infant relationships; information on local resources for adults, infants and families; parent handouts; screening tools; and references on hot topics such as attachment, crying, development, maltreatment and mental health.  Practical strategies that support service providers and parents to promote infant mental health are also included in the materials.

The booklet is accompanied by four versions of the presentation deck with video clips (30/60/90/120 minute options).

An advisory committee was established to oversee the project and consisted of:

  • Ministry of Children & Family Development – Child Welfare, Child & Youth Mental Health
  • Ministry of Health
  • BC Mental Health and Addictions Services
  • Provincial Public Health Nursing Council
  • BC Paediatric Society
  • BC Children’s Hospital Infant Psychiatry
  • Infant Development Program & Aboriginal IDP
  • BC Association of Family Resource Programs
  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Evelyn Wotherspoon was contracted to develop the materials and provide content expertise.

Materials and webinar are available free-of-charge on the BCHCDA website.