Violence Against Women and the Law: Resources for Woman and Advocates


The Violence Against Women and the Law: Resources for Women and Advocates manual offers a wide range of resources and referrals on topics such as:

  • General information on family law and legal help in BC, including glossaries of legal and court related terms in multiple languages.
  • Legal “scripts” on topics such as divorce and separation, marriage and violence against women, property and asset division in English, Chinese and Punjabi.
  • How to prepare for an interview with a lawyer so that you can use your time effectively.
  • What you should expect from a Legal Aid lawyer and how to get the most from them.
  • Information on Peace Bonds and Restraining Orders.
  • Information related to sponsorship breakdown and what to do if you are an immigrant women sponsored by your husband.
  • Court information such as how to represent yourself in court, how to act in court, how to testify in court and how to take notes in court.
  • Factsheets on custody and access and what women can do to keep their children, including information on child support in BC.

Check out the manual here.