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Canadian Observatory on Homelessness Press: Understanding mothers experiencing homelessness

Understanding mothers experiencing homelessness:  A gendered approach to finding solutions for family homelessness, a report produced for the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness Press, looks at the experiences of mothers and children in dealing with homelessness and makes recommendations for interventions based on trauma-informed care.

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BC Council for Families (BCCF): Growing Together Toolkit

The Public Health Agency of Canada and the BC Council for Families presented a webinar on March 23, 2017 to present an overview of the Growing Together: Supporting the mental health and wellness of young children, mothers, and their families Toolkit, designed to support service providers working with mothers with mental health, substance use, and other challenges, and their families.

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The Lancet: Series on Early Childhood Development

The respected medical journal, The Lancet, has published a groundbreaking series on early child development, “Advancing Early Childhood Development from Science to Scale.”  The 3-part series argues that the growing social and economic costs to nations of under-investment in prenatal and early childhood development are unsustainable.  In their review of a wide range of international programs, the findings demonstrate that the best results combine what's known as "nurturing" care with basic health, nutrition, and cognitive programs.

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