The 22nd BCAPOP Annual Conference

Photo Credit: Unsplash User  Wes Hicks

Photo Credit: Unsplash User Wes Hicks

The keynote presentation for this year’s BCAPOP conference will be by Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, an author, parenting expert, and registered psychologist, on the topic of A Relationship for Life:  The Mother-Child Connection.  This will be a full-day session from 9 am – 4 pm on October 3, 2018.  The keynote session is included with registration for the full conference.  In addition, a limited number of seats will be available to attend the keynote session only.

“Newborn infants form 700 new neural connections per second. Knowing that the brain is shaped through neuroplasticity by experience, the experiences of the infant are profoundly important. This is particularly so when it comes to brain growth and mental health. And, how neural track is laid down in the first six years of life can stay with the child through the rest of their life course, impacting mental health and well-being throughout childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

At the same time that this incredible development is happening for the infant, the mother is going through a transformative life event. While this can come with many positive emotions, it can also be incredibly overwhelming and exhausting – physically and mentally. The reality that the mother’s well-being becomes part of the infant’s 700 neural connections per second needs to be a significant focus of our social systems and understanding.

We need to ensure that babies get the best start in life and that mothers are championed in being their best selves, for their own sake and for that of their children.”

Day Two of the conference starts with the BCAPOP Annual General Meeting, followed by morning and afternoon sets of workshops including:

  • Supporting Mothers in Self-Care:  Robin Kiernan, Saanich Neighbourhood Place
  • Supporting Women During the Postpartum Period - The Importance of Sleep:  Dr. Wendy Hall, University of British Columbia School of Nursing
  • Infant Loss and the Impact of Grief:  Jens Locher, Mila Glavinic, Ivy Rose Lee, and Kerstin Locher (bereaved parents); Caylan Barber, Doula Canada; and staff from Canucks Place Children’s Hospice
  • Sacredness of Being a Life Giver:  Elder Rosie White Elk, Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association; and Corine Bye, Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association
  • Basic Support Skills for Perinatal Depression and Anxiety:  Sheila Duffy and Clare Zeschky, Pacific Post Partum Support Society
  • Relational Framework for Breastfeeding Support:  Tina Revai, Co-President of the British Columbia Lactation Consultants Association

Day Three (morning only) will be the Plenary Session, in which Angel Low, Consultant, Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education and Researcher, Social Emotional Education and Development (SEED), University of British Columbia, will present Heart-Mind Well-Being: Secure and Calm Workshop

“Through the lens of Dalai Lama Center’s (DLC) Heart-Mind Well-Being (HMWB) framework, this workshop presents the latest science and practice promoting young children’s capacity to be secure and calm and learn strategies for self-regulation. Secure and Calm is one of the ‑ve positive human qualities embedded in the HMWB framework. DLC has taken the lead on translating and sharing emerging research that aims to shine a light on how to promote the Heart-Mind Well-Being of young children in communities across British Columbia.”

Registration for the conference is available at:

Nelli Agbulos