Celebrating Difference with the All Kinds of Minds Book for Children

Photo Credit: Unsplash User  Annie Pratt

Photo Credit: Unsplash User Annie Pratt

Inspire Community Outreach Inc. is an incorporated non-profit social service agency providing education and programming designed to meet the needs of those living with mental health issues and neurological/cognitive differences.  It was founded in October 2013 to broaden the range of community support, fill service provision gaps, particularly in navigating the social service and mental health systems and in the provision of preventative programming.

Canadian schools, childcare centres and non-profits serving children under age 8 are offered a free copy of the book, All Kinds of Minds.  This children’s book, inspired by and created with children, allows children and youth to talk about their own neurological or psychological differences, such as ADHD, anxiety, autism or PTSD.  The book’s tone is positive, communicating that minds being different is ok, even good, both individually and for our communities.  It features short statements in the youth’s own words that highlight a difference, followed by a positive result of that difference: e.g. “My mind can sometimes get stuck on things.  It’s great when I get stuck on things I LOVE!”  The book is illustrated with a range of illustrations that are as diverse as the neuro-diverse artists who created them.

The book’s intended audience is children under the age of 8, as well as their educators and caregivers.  Profits of the sale of the book are being put back into providing free copies of the book to organizations and groups working with young children.