Dieticians of Canada/Alberta Health Services: Raising Our Healthy Kids information videos

Photo Credit: Unsplash User  Marc Fulgar

Photo Credit: Unsplash User Marc Fulgar

"We want to see children in the kitchen, at the grocery store, and even in the garden this summer! Children can pick, wash, peel and even chop vegetables and fruits for a snack or a meal. It's a great way for them to learn about healthy foods," says Jane Bellman, Dietitian and Spokesperson for Dietitians of Canada.  “The Raising our Healthy Kids videos offer helpful tips for parents and caregivers who are looking for information for their children or toddlers. Tips like serving whole vegetables and fruit instead of juice to offer children better nutrition.”

Raising Our Healthy Kids is a series of 70 short, free videos aimed to help Canadians live healthier lives.  The videos, designed for use by families, parenting groups, and government agencies, encourage parents to engage their children, in fun ways, in growing and preparing food, and in making healthy nutritional choices.  Only 60-90 seconds long, the videos are designed for use at home, in parenting groups, and in a range of situations, such as in health centres.

“[The] messages are short, concise, simple and familiar, enabling us to easily use them in parenting groups,” says Celia Osenton, a parenting group leader in the Calgary region.

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Categories include:
Supporting Healthy Development
Supporting Emotional Wellness
Supporting Healthy Attachment
Play and Physical Activity
Infant Nutrition
Preschool Nutrition
School Age Nutrition
Media Literacy and Food Marketing
Aboriginal Health
Oral Health

In addition, French versions of 25 nutrition videos are also available from: Saine alimentation Ontario

The videos were produced by Shadow Light Productions.