BC Council for Families & SPARC BC Produce Family Demographics across BC

A page from the Greater Vancouver infographic.

The BC Council for Families has partnered with SPARC BC to produce a series of infographics about family demographics in regional districts across BC using the results of their 2015 Let’s Talk Families BC! survey. 

BC Family Demographic Infographics - Family Demographics by Regional District includes four sets of infographics that show the average household types, the average number of children in each family and the average ages of children, along with the greatest challenges families face, in each of the 29 regional districts across BC. 

Infographic Types 

  • The number of households made up of couples without children, couples with children, single parent families, single person households and other households. 
  • The average number of children (one child, two children and three or more children) that single parent households and couples have.
  • The greatest issues or challenges (such as income, child care and housing) that families face in each regional district compared with provincial benchmarks. 
  • The average age of children in each regional district, and the numbers of children who are aged zero to four, five to 14, 15 to 17, 18 to 24 and 25 and older.

The developers encourage individuals, groups and organizations to feel free to use these infographics during meetings and presentations with funders, community groups, government and other stakeholders. 

The following resources can be downloaded from here.


The Social Planning and Research Council of BC (SPARC BC) is a non-partisan, charitable organization that was established in 1966. SPARC BC focuses on social justice issues and works together with communities on accessibility, community development, income security and social planning.