Circle of Security: Prince George


Circle of Security International offer parenting training programs that reinforce the foundations of security in children.  In a recent blog posting, they compare this to the essential structure of a solid foundation in building a house, but are reassuring that it is never too late to go back and re-build relational foundations. “Children come into the world asking for their needs to be net on every point of the Circle, primed for a relationship with another that will meet the need.  A child whose needs on the Circle go unmet is likely to struggle to get the need met in the growing relationship with his/her parents.  The foundation is laid, and the child grows up to believe that these needs are essentially unmeetable in relationships with others…. But here’s the good news.  Just like our [sagging porch at] home, we can go back and reinforce the foundation.  Regardless of our childhood history, it’s never too late.  We can repair.  With growing understanding of what it means to be in relationship, we can identify where we struggle with particular needs on the circle, and then we can work to find caring ways to meet those needs.  The same is true for our children.  When parents change the way they respond to their child’s needs for care and confidence, a struggling parent/child relationship can be transformed. ”

A downloadable Circle of Security (COS) Animation Video is available here. The video, developed by the British organization Hands Up and designed for sharing with groups, explains the key COS concepts.

A 4-Day Seminar (3-6 October, 2016) is being run in Prince George, sponsored by Northern Aboriginal Early Childhood Development Conference and presented by Sonya Vellet—Circle of Security Trainer (see attached poster for more information).

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