BC Perinatal Services Releases Updated Pregnancy Passport

Our Special Journey: Pregnancy Passport is a booklet developed by Perinatal Services BC in partnership with the Ministry of Health and health authorities and is a companion to Baby's Best Chance: Parents' Handbook of Pregnancy and Baby Care. The Pregnancy Passport is designed to help mothers track their journey through pregnancy, birth and baby’s first weeks, and to keep their own records, with space to write down their goals, questions, ideas and decisions.  It includes space to make notes about Body, Emotions, Mind, Spirit and Cultural & Personal Beliefs as the woman moves through the stages of her pregnancy.  The document provides a base for conversations with health care providers and family.

The first two sections include useful information for the whole pregnancy. The rest is designed so it can be read and used in sections as the pregnancy progresses. The authors note, “This may not be your first baby. Women share many similar experiences and needs. Each journey is different and that’s okay.” Pregnancy Passport is for your journey through pregnancy, birth and baby’s early weeks.

This may or may not be your first baby. Women share many similar experiences and needs. Each

The Pregnancy Passport includes:

  • information for women to think about and discuss with their care provider relating to their needs throughout their pregnancy, birth, and after their baby is born;
  • information about the care they can expect during pregnancy, birth, and the first weeks after their baby's birth;
  • a place to record check-ups and tests;
  • places to write down goals, questions, ideas, decisions, and hope and dreams for their baby; and
  • a list of resources for more information.

The Pregnancy Passport has been distributed to doctors, midwives, and local health units across BC and can be ordered by health care providers through the Perinatal Services BC website at www.perinatalservicesbc.ca.

Women are encouraged to ask their health care provider for a Pregnancy Passport.