IndigenEYEZ Leadership Essentials at Hollyhock

IndigenEYEZ, a BC-based program, provides healing and confidence-building for Indigenous youth through a creative land-based program that rests on traditional philosophy and values.  IndigenEYEZ will be running a Leadership Essentials training from June 29 – July 3, 2016 at the Hollyhock centre, on Cortez Island, facilitated by Kelly Terbasket and Kim Haxton.

IndigenEYEZ is described as “medicine for relationships”. The course offers tools for creating healthier relations with self and others, nature and culture and training in skills to foster connection, engagement and buy-in using proven social innovations adapted for First Nations. The aim of the course is to prepare leaders who can mobilize people behind a shared vision.

The designers of the course state, “As Indigenous people, our capacity for relationships is in recovery. ‘We have a vision,’ we often hear leaders say, ‘the problem is getting people behind the vision.’  The course is intended to assist participants to increase connection and engagement among staff and community.

The course facilitators will teach skills for healthier connections with self and others, nature and culture, using a program that “draws on the land to deepen senses and intuitions”. The objective is to offer tools that can be used in staff meetings, planning sessions, HR, community engagement—anywhere people gather.

Using proven social innovations, adapted for First Nations, the training offers will offer opportunities to learn step-by-step how to create environments of safety and trust; discover the difference strength-based communication makes in getting people to buy-in; and learn when to teach and when to get out of the way. The hope is that experienced leaders will be enriched and that aspiring leaders will lay the foundation for creating a brighter future.

For more information contact: and register for the training here.