We All Have a Role: Preventing and Responding to Violence


The NWAC video, We All Have a Role: Preventing and Responding to Violence, is structured to enable viewers to identify with and learn from family members who have suffered the loss of loved ones through violence. In the video, we meet a number of individuals from across Canada, who self-identify as victims of crime. Each individual tells of the family member they have lost, including when, where, and how that person went missing or lost in their life.

Each person talks about how they see their key role in honouring and keeping alive the memory of their lost family member. Suggestions are made of how members of the wider Canadian community can support to those who have lost family members through violence.

The format encourages viewers to see each of the speakers as a whole person, and takes the viewer to a place where they can identify with the speakers and understand the requests to provide practical support. The presentation is quiet, conversational and gentle, creating a sense of intimacy and trust, and drawing the viewer into relational empathy.

The Community Resource Guide, What Can I Do to Help the Families of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls? includes a poster, three fact sheets, 10 toolkits, a CD and other resources. Individual items can also be downloaded from the website. NWAC encourages the use of the Community Resource Guide for violence prevention activities, community support, capacity building and to promote healthy relationships.