Stop Family Violence

The Stop Family Violence website starts from the premise that family violence affects us all. It has negative social, financial and health impacts on those directly involved, as well as on their friends and family, colleagues, community and society at large. Stop Family Violence is a one-stop information source on family violence. The website is designed to assist individuals that are affected by family violence, know someone who is, or simply want to learn more about the issue. The website offers information to help people be safe or be part of the solution and links to support services in local areas across Canada.

Sections on the website include:

  • How to recognize if you or your children are being abused
  • What to do if someone you know is being abused
  • How to plan for your safety

Professionals can access resources and information on preventing or responding to family violence, addressing:

  • Stable and positive parenting and links to the Nobody’s Perfect and My Daddy Matters Because… programs
  • Safe relationships, including links to The 4th R: Strategies for Healthy Youth Relationship school-based program, QMUNITY and other materials designed for working with youth, the Red Cross Healthy Relationship Tips website, and the Tools for ChangeEducator’s Website that provides a list of resources that promote healthy and equal relationships.
  • Mental health and resilience, including links to research and supports for building resiliency and improving mental health and wellbeing.

The site also contains links to government initiatives in the area of domestic violence and  information about federal funding opportunities related to family violence.