Online Nutrition Resources from BCAPOP

The BCAPOP website provides nutrition information for women during pregnancy, when introducing solids to infants and developing healthy food preferences for toddlers. The website includes a link to the prenatal nutrition booklet, Healthy Eating for a Healthy Baby, produced by Ontario Best Start. This guide, based on Canada’s Food Guide, has checklists and clear, simple recommendations, along with healthy recipes to incorporate a range of nutrients into one’s diet during pregnancy. It gives practical tips for managing nausea, heartburn, and constipation, along with information on gestational diabetes. The guide includes recommendations for exercising during pregnancy and ends with a list of nutritional issues that should be discussed with a healthcare professional.

Baby’s First Foods is a HealthLinkBC factsheet giving information on introducing solids to the infant diet.

Helping Your Toddler Eat Well and Meal and Snack Ideas for Your Toddler, also produced by HealthLinkBC, provides information on healthy eating and snack options for toddlers, along with safety tips on preparing food for this age group.