Vanessa Lapointe “Discipline That Nurtures Children” workshop, Feb 21, Duncan

“Discipline That Nurtures Children”, a morning workshop with Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, is designed to:

  • Help parents and caregivers respond to children with challenging behaviours.
  • Explore how our relationship with children is at the core of their behaviour and how we discipline them
  • Demonstrate how a nurturing discipline style can improve behavioural challenges
  • Encourage emotional health and well-being of children

The cost is $15.00 for parents of young children (subsidized fee supported by Success by 6). The fee per service provider (or anyone wanting a certificate of attendance) is $35.00. Childcare is not provided (a limited number of bursaries to cover child care costs are available on a first come, first served basis).

The “Discipline That Nurtures: Understanding the key role of relationship in responding to challenging behaviours” workshop is designed to help caregivers “understand how our discipline style and related strategies can ameliorate behavioural challenges by allowing for a relational context that is nurturing in nature, and that ultimately encourages the emotional health and well-being of our children.” The workshop helps parents and/or caregivers navigate the information overload of parenting advice and “explore how our relationship with our children is at the core of both how we discipline them and the behaviours they present with” – the relational context in which discipline and behavioural interaction take place.

For more information, contact Terri at (250) 746-4135, local 260.

Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, R. Psych. is founder of The Wishing Star Lapointe Developmental Clinic. Vanessa’s workshops aim to encourage hope, nurture resiliency, and awaken a collective drive for professionals and parents to be the best they can be for our children. Vanessa is an invited Professional Associate of Dr. Gordon Neufeld, R. Psych., (Neufeld Institute).