CAI Cross Agency Mentoring Opportunity: Cohort 2

Often, the best way to learn is through one-on-one coaching from someone else with a great track record in building solid partnerships. The Community Action Initiative (CAI) is offering a unique experiential learning opportunity that will help agencies gain success in this area. Mentee Agencies will:

  • Learn new approaches for developing community partnerships
  • Get coaching to explore and overcome past challenges
  • Build knowledge capital to cultivate strategic partnerships, which promotes organizational resilience to thrive in uncertain times

Mentee agencies may apply for a grant of up to $10,000 to work on a convening or capacity-building project with newly acquired partner(s), of up to 6 months duration, either within the mentorship timeframe or within 6 months post-mentorship.

Mentorships are semi-structures and will be supported for 10-12 months. Cohort 2 mentorships start in May 2015. Interactions between mentors and mentees will take place virtually (e.g. phone or Skype).

To qualify as a Mentee Agency, agencies:

  • Must be a registered non-profit agency or an Aboriginal agency, organization or health centre providing services to First Nation and Aboriginal peoples in BC
  • Must have a prospective new partnership(s) you are interested in developing in your community, related to mental health and/or substance use service delivery as it relates to CAI’s strategic directions
  • Must have the signed approval of the Executive Director of your agency or person with equivalent financial and managerial accountability, to participate
  • Must identify two or more individuals from your agency who are committed to participating for the full duration of the 10-12 month mentorship.

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