Kelty Mental Health Attachment Theory Resource Sheet


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The Kelty Mental Health resource sheet on Attachment Theory offers information and links to recommended resources grouped into four sections:

  • Websites
  • Toolkits
  • Books & Videos
  • Support Services



Websites include:

  • MCFD: Attachment Perspective
    • Explains attachment theory, it’s importance to child development and behavior, and how it relates to parenting
  • Bonding and Attachment in Maltreated Children
    • An article providing an overview of attachment and bonding and their affects on relationship, as well as advice on how to help children with attachment problems
  • Anxiety BC: Separation Anxiety Disorder
    • A guide explaining separation anxiety and describing how to recognize this disorder in children and teens
  • Parenting and Child Health: Attachment
    • A webpage explaining what attachment behavior is, and giving tips on helping babies’ attachment, and covering sleep and separation.



  • Tips for Building Healthy Attachment with Young Children: Burnaby Counseling Group
    • Tips that professionals and family members can use to build healthy attachment
  • Bonding with Your Baby
    • Covers myths about baby bonding and offers tips on self-care to help bonding, understanding your baby’s cues and taking advantage of eating and sleeping times
  • Attachment Across Cultures
    • The ‘resource’ section on this website features fact sheets on a variety of topics relating to attachment, with a focus on supporting immigrant families
  • Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development
    • This website provides information and tips for parents on how to form bonds of trust with their children. There is also a separate information sheet for Aboriginal parents, and a section that addresses attachment-based interventions


Books & Videos:

  • Offers a list of print and video resources on Attachment available through the Family Support & Resource Centre (FRSC) at BC Children’s Hospital. The FRSC has a provincial lending library and bookstore. If this is not in your area, you can request to borrow the item through the mail at no charge.
    • Tel: (604) 875-2345 ext. 5102


Support Services, including:

  • Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre. The Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre is BC’s information source for children, youth and families dealing with mental health and substance use challenges. In addition, the centre offers resources on eating disorders for all ages. Peer support is available for youth, parents of children with mental health or substance use challenges, as well as individuals of any age struggling with an eating disorder.
  • Attachment Parenting International (API). This website offers parenting information, support, find a local API Support Group feature, and an online discussion forum.