Amazing Video on Youth Resilience


YouThrive is a practical resource that was developed in partnership between Canadian Mental Health Association (Ontario), Centre for Addication and Mental Health, Ontario Lung Association and Ophea.  It is designed for people who want to create communities in which young people can thrive and develop capacity to realize their own abilities, make a contribution to society and learn how to take control of their own lives.  It shows how using a health promotion approach supports positive mental health and prevents risk-taking behaviour among young people. It has been demonstrated that health inequities related to access to the determinants of health and protective factors contribute to higher rates of risk-taking behaviours amongst some groups of youth.  “Youth who belong to groups that face stigma and discrimination tend to have more risk factors and less access to protective factors.  This can profoundly affect their resilience, health, well-being, and development.  Stigma and discrimination make it hard for young people to get the resources they need such as housing, food, and access to education  They may face differential treatment in accessing health or social services.  They may not feel that they are valued and respected or that they can participate fully in their communities.  These youth are more likely to be subjected to violence or live in environments where there are high rates of violence.”

The video challenges communities to stop focusing on health issues and work together with youth to identify and address gaps in the protective resources that foster resilience for youth, so as to build communities in which youth and all community members can thrive. provides a range of information, tools and resources, along with empowering success stories of youth working in communities to create change.