CAPC on Track in aligning with Health Priorities


An Update on the “Reaching for the Top Report” Presented at the Sandbox Conference January, 2013

In 2008, Dr. K. Kellie Leitch authored and released the “Reaching for the Top: A Report by the Advisor on Healthy Children and Youth”. An update of this report was released at the Sandbox Conference in January this year stating that:

“The CAPC programs have worked towards improving health outcomes and focusing on the major priorities stated in the Report.”

In her original report Dr. Leitch had recommended that:

CAPC programs work towards improving health outcomes of children and youth that are key priorities for Canadian parents. Existing CAPC programs should be provided with an opportunity to transition to these core health areas after setting priorities and performance benchmarks.”

She also set a 3 year timeline for this recommendation to be implemented, and advised that the program would only remain sustainable if these changes were made within the target dates. It is a very positive development that CAPC is now formally recognized through the report as fully realizing the goal of focussing priorities identified as most important to Canadians.

This report also recommended that the Aboriginal Head Start Program be expanded to provide access for 25% of Aboriginal children in BC over five years. This recommendation has not received any action to date.

This update on the Reaching for the Top report was recently shared at the Sandbox 2013 Conference in Toronto.

What is the Sandbox Project?

The Sandbox Project defines itself as a national charity with a mandate to bring together leading researchers, governments, charities, and industry to improve child and youth health in Canada. The Sandbox Project was created in response to the 2008 recommendations by Dr. Kellie Leitch and is focused on five areas: growing healthy bodies, injury prevention, mental health, disability and the environment. It also:

  • Promotes collaboration and knowledge exchange among children’s health stakeholders
  • Leads evidence-based policy and action
  • Raises the profile of children’s health issues in Canada
  • Builds the capacity of all sectors to respond to children’s health issues in Canada.

BC CAPC Society President, Diane Wilmann and Board Member, Lily Canan-Reynolds attended the Sandbox 2013 Conference in mid-January and shared information on BC’s CAPC programs with other conference attendees. In follow up, the BC CAPC Society plan to join the Sandbox Project as a partner – more information to come!