Training & Resource Opportunities


1. Moe the Mouse: Speech and Language Development Program

Developed by Anne Gardner and Margaret Chesterman for the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society, the Moe the Mouse program consists of two main components:

  1. Moe the Mouse® Curriculum Box
  2. Making the Most of Moe: A Workshop for Parents and Early Childhood Educators

Moe the Mouse® Curriculum Box is an innovative early speech and language resource that uses Aboriginal toys and stories to enhance language development in children ages 3–5. The activities and materials in the curriculum box help parents and educators provide opportunities for children to practise language skills in natural settings. Doing these activities helps children develop: social language use, comprehension of spoken words, vocabulary, discrimination of speech sounds, ability to pronounce speech sounds, knowledge of preposition words (e.g. above, beside), and the ability to express feelings and ideas. These activities become part of the regular early learning and child care program curriculum and do not require specialized clinicians nor do they need to take place in clinical settings.

Making the Most of Moe: A Workshop for Parents and Early Childhood Educators was developed and is owned by Anne Gardner and Margaret Chesterman. Anne and Margaret are Speech-Language Pathologists who developed the Moe the Mouse® Speech and Language Curriculum Box for the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society (ACCS). These workshops are scheduled by ACCS and presented throughout British Columbia. They are facilitated by either Anne or Margaret. Workshops are approximately five hours long, and are designed for early childhood educators, parents and others involved with young children. Audio-visual and printed materials are used to train people how to use the Moe the Mouse® Speech and Language Curriculum Box.

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2. Brain Development and Learning Conference (July 24-28)

The list of top notch speakers on topics such as Mind-Body Interrelations & Holistic Approaches to Health and Healing; Childhood Trauma; Maternal Depression; Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics is endless and includes Gabor Mate, Dan Siegel, Monique Gray-Smith, Mary Gordon and Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond. Visit BDL Conference for registration information.


3. Children the Heart of the Matter Conference- Feb 1st and 2nd, 2013

This conference will bring together all those involved in the care and education of young children. Our purpose is to raise the awareness and profile of child care and early childhood development services, family resource programs and others through professional development, networking, and sharing of information and resources.

This conference will be of interest to all those who work with young children and families in child care settings, family resource programs, primary school grades and other community programs. These include family child care providers, early childhood educators, teachers, community health professionals, parents, grandparents, government officials and parks and recreation staff.

Visit Child Care Options for more information.