Car-Seat and Booster-Seat Safety


Parachute Canada has issued a letter to their Safe Kids Partners introducing a new car-seat and booster-seat information website that should prove useful in your injury prevention work: Dear Partners,

We are pleased to let you know about a new website that we believe will be exceptionally useful if you implement car seat and booster seat initiatives in your community. The site, Car Safety Canada, provides a toolkit of evidence-based resources to:

  • Help create a broader awareness of the benefits of proper car seat and booster seat use
  • Encourage correct and consistent child passenger restraint use as the socially expected norm
  • Enhance police enforcement of child passenger safety laws in your own communities

The Car Safety and Kids Toolkit contains useful and adaptable resources for parents, teachers, law enforcement officers, health professionals, and community agencies, as well as a compilation of recent research concerning child passenger safety. We encourage you to explore this site and use the resources provided.

The creators of this site are also interested in learning about your experience using it and the tools provided. Please take 5 minutes to fill out a brief survey, to tell them what you think. Your valuable feedback will help them improve the site.  

For any questions about the website or this survey, please contact Dr. Melanie Barwick ( The survey will be open from October 2nd to November 30th 2012. We hope you will share your feedback! 

Parachute Canada is the new national organization for Injury Prevention information. It formed based on the amalgamation of Think First Canada, Safe Communities Canada, Smart Risk and Safe Kids Canada. Check them out at Parachute Canada.