Too Hot for Tots!


Too Hot for Tots! resources bring awareness to childhood burn injury prevention and can be used by healthcare educators in their group sessions with parents and caregivers. These resources have been translated into the following languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Spanish and French (video); Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Punjabi, Spanish and French (brochure and posters). The Too Hot for Tots! program includes:

  • An educational DVD which includes burn prevention tips and personal stories from parents with a child who has experienced a burn.
  • A brochure which includes a handy temperature card. This enables parents to check the temperature of the hot water in their home.
  • Resources for healthcare educators.

Please visit the BC Children's Hospital website for access to the Too Hot for Tots! program resources.

For general information on Kids’ Health and Safety, please visit the Healthy Canadians website.